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When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your industrial equipment, finding the right method can be a challenge. However, one method that has gained popularity in recent years is dry ice blasting. If you are in the Scranton PA area and looking for an effective and environmentally friendly way to clean your equipment, dry ice blasting might be the solution you’ve been searching for.

What is Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry ice blasting is a cleaning method that uses compressed air to propel small pellets of dry ice at high speeds. Dry ice, which is the solid form of carbon dioxide, is extremely cold (-78 degrees Celsius or -109 degrees Fahrenheit) and upon impact, it converts from a solid to a gas, creating a sublimation effect. This process helps to remove contaminants from surfaces without creating any secondary waste.

How Does Dry Ice Blasting Work?

Dry ice blasting works by using kinetic energy to remove unwanted substances from surfaces. When the dry ice pellets hit the surface, they break up and create micro-explosions that lift dirt, grease, paint, and other contaminants away from the surface. The high velocity of the pellets also aids in this process, as it essentially scrubs the surface clean.

The Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting offers several advantages over traditional cleaning methods. Here are a few of the key benefits:

1. Non-abrasive: Unlike sandblasting or soda blasting, dry ice blasting is non-abrasive. This means that it will not damage the surface being cleaned, making it an ideal choice for delicate equipment or sensitive materials.

2. Environmentally friendly: Dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly cleaning method. Carbon dioxide, which is used in the process, is a natural and non-toxic substance. It does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and does not leave behind any chemical residues.

3. No secondary waste: With dry ice blasting, there is no need for additional cleanup after the process is complete. The dry ice pellets simply evaporate into the atmosphere, leaving behind no residue or waste to dispose of.

4. Reduced downtime: Dry ice blasting is a quick and efficient cleaning method. It can remove contaminants from equipment without the need for disassembly, reducing the amount of downtime required for cleaning and maintenance.

5. Versatile application: Dry ice blasting can be used on a wide range of surfaces and materials, including metals, plastics, rubber, and more. It is effective at removing a variety of contaminants, such as oil, grease, mold, and even graffiti.

Choosing a Dry Ice Blasting Service in Scranton PA

If you are considering dry ice blasting for your industrial cleaning needs in Scranton PA, it is important to choose a reputable and experienced service provider. Look for a company that has the necessary equipment and expertise to handle your specific cleaning requirements. Additionally, ensure that they prioritize safety and adhere to industry standards.


Dry ice blasting is a versatile and environmentally friendly cleaning method that offers numerous benefits over traditional cleaning methods. If you are in the Scranton PA area and in need of an effective and efficient way to clean your industrial equipment, consider dry ice blasting. It is a non-abrasive, non-toxic, and residue-free solution that can save you time and money while also reducing your environmental impact. So why not give it a try and experience the power of dry ice blasting for yourself?

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